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We are India’s first phygital store which provides clothes with premium quality at the lowest possible cost price, and also virtual trial room for customers to have entire access to all the designs and varieties.

About Us

BOLD KNIGHT is Clothing BRAND and a Deep Technology driven STARTUP, have introduced AI based SMART MIRROR, known as Virtual Trial Room Technology. BOLD KNIGHT has it’s clear strategy to build an Apparel brand by making imported quality garments with special designs and special fabrics to be the pioneers in the Market and setting it’s own Market for the TRENDS and at the same time working on the technology, to implement WORLD’s FIRST PHYGITAL STORE ( Physical + Digital). BOLD KNIGHT have made agreements with EUROPE based well established firm to manufacture the SMART TEE SHIRTS which are going to help the Medicare/healthcare and Sports segments. These Smart Tee Shirts are communicative and intelligent in responding to the situations like heat/fire, Odours, Humidity, stretch/stress. By wearing the Smart Tee Shirts using Bio sensors, the heart rate, SpO2 Levels, Temperatures etc can be measured continuously. BOLD KNIGHT is one of the Apparel Brand that is more conscious about the sustainability, and committed to green concepts. BOLD KNIGHT is promising to use biodegradable threads in the 70% of the garments produced, and using only the chemicals that are approved quality while washing the garments so that there will not be any harmful micro organisms left in the waste water. BOLD KNIGHT is proud INDIAN BRAND that is going to LAUNCH – Interactive Textiles which is under ideation stage. We are Bhaarath's premium clothing brand. Our company brings to you the finest quality of branded clothes at a lower cost which are made up best grade fabrics. At Boldknight you will get a variety of clothes without compromising the fabric quality. We ensure you that selected fabrics are hand-picked by experts and monitored by engineers for quality stitching. Our experts use We also provide the franchise of Boldknight to expand our unit outlets worldwide and customers can easily get their preferred style of clothes via shop or online order. Boldknight is on movement that is " OUTFIT INDIA". Our motto is to introduce the best quality products to the world. Enjoy the wearing not only to look good but also to SHOW YOUR ATTITUDE TOO and Feel the fabric!!

WHY ARE WE FRANCHISING? At Bold Knight, we have great strengths, an amazing concept, a great founder, an amazing leading team, and above all a perfect product-market fit. With all these, we want this company to grow in the most ethical manner and for this, it is of the utmost essential that we retain complete control. The best way to scale up a business or an amazing concept is through great partnerships in form of Franchisees. It is only through a quick franchise expansion that we can increase our unit outlets worldwide. So this is why we are franchising, as honestly as possible, frankly expressed to you considering you as one of our prospective long-term partners to serving BOLD KNIGHT as Bhaarath’s premium clothing brand.

Mission Our Mission is to provide high-quality products at reasonable and lowest possible cost and also add value to the customers. Moreover, to expand our outlets globally through the franchise.

Vision Our Vision is to create a BRAND respected by the whole world by setting an example, of how to establish a brand. One should respect not only destiny but also the journey.

Values Our values are Royalty, Quality, and Sustainability. With these values, we are able to become India’s Smartest Clothes Brand.

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