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 BOLD KNIGHT is Clothing BRAND and a Deep Technology driven STARTUP, have introduced AI based SMART MIRROR, known as Virtual Trial Room Technology.

BOLD KNIGHT has it’s clear strategy to build an Apparel brand by making imported quality garments with special designs and special fabrics to be the pioneers in the Market and setting it’s own Market for the TRENDS and at the same time working on the technology, to implement WORLD’s FIRST PHYGITAL STORE ( Physical + Digital).

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Fashion is not restricted to clothing alone, anything with a touch of class and a hint of extraordinary, something that catches the eye instantly and is visually appealing.

SMART MIRROR help customers to take quicker decision, and our retail store team by reducing the number of trials and refolding garments to re-stack it again. This also helps even the customers as the retailers will never sanitize or clean the garments before re-staking it, and after the pandemic this is a major concern. This Smart Mirrors will be helping the stores to make PHYGITAL STORES so that the retailers or franchise owners need not to keep lot of inventory, the customers can also order ONLINE for which the stock is not available in the store.

Fashion Industry is a huge platform which provides to a vide range of fashionable goods and is a creative industry which involves continuous change and state of the art technology. We understood that the replacement for the physical trial room is an augmented reality based virtual trial room. Many of the customers, after wearing the dress, they will take the selfies and send it to their loved ones for the confirmation. It means by a looking at image, we can decide that the suitability of the dress. And most of the customers choose which is best in the photography.

BOLD KNIGHT is an AUGMENTED REALITY based dressing room (Virtual Trial Room) for retail and E-Commerce Platform giving customers an immerse visual connection with products thereby enriching the shopping experience. From shop-able windows to products that come alive, BOLDKNIGHT gives the most convenient, versatile and virtual shopping experience hence improving customer retention.

1. VISUAL Merchandising: Similar to Lenskart, Users can easily manage to experience limitless products options ensuring ease of access and feel the appearance without physically dressing/undressing.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Rich user interface that reads “Human Gestures” enables customer to visualize their selected garments by simple wave swiping. This gives them a choice of trying maximum products in less time with rich visualization thereby enhancing their shopping experience.

3. Beer Managed store: The trial room rush is much lighter since the customers are focused to simply check out the FIT and confirm the visual appeal which has been 90% achieved by the BOLD KNIGHT console. Reduced usage of trial ensures less damages to the inventory, folding and stacking operations are also minimized.



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