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How to Look Trendy with Basic Shirts?

It is quite difficult to know how to look trendy right? If you are a man, one of the most difficult parts of your life is how to look trendy and keep up with fashion. Basic shirts or something that can be the best choice for you to wear for a trendy and up-to-date fashion look. But, even if you are having a basic shirt collection. How you should be styling them anyway in your daily life to have the perfect type of trendy look? We men, I'm not really good when it comes to fashion as we are not having many different types of choices and colors and designs like women. Therefore, this article is something that can help you up regarding the different types of outfit making with basic shirts. It can give you a better idea about dressing up the shirts.

Things to Look for Buying a Shirt

First of all, these are some of the important points that you should always be looking out for in a shirt that you are going to wear or you are going to buy. Remember these:-

  1. Colour should be dark and not vibrant
  2. Comfort cloth 
  3. Sleeves should fit 
  4. Should not crush easily
  5. Length should be long not short

How to Style a Basic Shirt

  1. Match it with jeans without tucking -You can always make the best type of outfit by matching your shirt with the jeans without tucking them in. This is the most perfect type of outfit and is something that can give you the best fashionable look and the simplest look of all the time. You should always be matching your denim jeans with the shirt and you should keep it out. This look is casual and gives the perfect type of simple look and Vibe.
  2. Contrast the colors with pants and a shirt -If you are going to use the outfit that is pants and shirt. Always use the contrast colours in these both and always go with the dark and light colour combinations. Contrast colours outfit are the best type of outfits that you can make as these are very much vibrant to the eye and is something that can give you the perfect type of attractive look! For example, match the dark colour of black pant with the vibrant colour of yellow or blue in the shirt!
  3. Use the dark colour lower for a light colour shirt -Whatever you are going to match in the lower clothing of yours with shirt should always be dark in colour and not in the light colour. Basically, all you really need to do is just wear any kind of shirt and match it with any type of lower clothing such as jeans or pants but that clothing should always be in a darker colour as compared to your shirt! This again is something contrasting and gives the perfect type of look.
  4. Always have the shirt a little loose -The most amazing advice that we can give you is that you should always be wearing a shirt that is a little loose to your shoulders and to your arms. There is a notion and stereotype that you should be wearing the fit and tight type of shirt as that can help you in looking more muscular. But, we are assuring you that it is just a notion and something that you should not be following as it is not at all comfortable and is also not good for your body posture nor does it give any better look.

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