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Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Fashion Industry

What do you think of when you hear the term “artificial intelligence in FASHION”?

You might think of Hollywood movies like The Terminator or Ex Machina, where machines become self-aware and either save or destroy humanity.

Or you might think of real-life applications like driverless cars or facial recognition software.

But what about artificial intelligence in the fashion industry? It may seem far-fetched, but AI is already being used in the fashion industry in a number of ways. For instance, social media image recognition is being used to track trends.

By analyzing images on social media, AI can identify which styles are popular and which styles are on the decline. #BOLDKNIGHT is well prepared with this information and our fashion designers are creating new collections that are more likely to be successful with consumers.

AI is also being used to analyze previous fashion styles of influencers. By looking at past photos, AI can identify which styles an influencer has worn and how often they have worn them. #BOLDKNIGHT is targeting specific influencers with new products that match their style.

So far, AI has been a valuable tool for tracking trends and identifying potential influencers. But as AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more amazing Fashion is one of the most popular and interesting applications for artificial intelligence.

In the past, AI has been used to create realistic 3D images of people and objects, to predict future trends, and to generate new ideas for fashion designers. Now, AI is being used to create even more realistic 3D images, to help identify trends faster, and to create customized clothes and accessories for individual customers. #BOLDKNIGHT is being working with Potential team and Researchers to bring the revolution in the Fashion industry and working renowned companies which are on a mission to develop 3D Body Measuring devices and softwares.

In the future, #BOLDKNIGHT is on the another application of AI that will continue to play a major role in fashion. It will be used to create even more realistic 3D images and videos, to help identify trends even faster, and to create even more personalized clothes and accessories for individual customers.

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